Using Mail Manager

Instructions on how to use the CRM Mail manager


The Mail Manager is a webmail module that lets you view and create emails directly in your CRM system as well as create new Accounts, contacts, Leads and trouble tickets directly from your emails. Think of it a bit like a lightweight version of gmail or outlook that it tightly integrated into your CRM system.

Viewing emails

Viewing your email is easy once you have configured your mail server. For details on how to configure your mail server please see this article: Setting up mail manager

  1. Go to -> My Home page -> Mail Manager
  2. Click the -> Inbox tab
  3. You will now see your mail box. On the left hand side you will be able to select which folder you would like to browse. On the right hand side are your actual emails.
  4. Click on an email subject to view the email
  5. You can now perform various actions such as Replying, forwarding or deleting the email. There are also a number of custom actions such as creating new records or linking the email to existing records.

Create New Record

Once you have an email open you can create a number of records with it such as:

  • Create a new contacts
  • Create a new account
  • Create a new Lead
  • Create a New ticket
  • Create a new todo
  • Add a comment
  • Attach to contact / account

You will find the “Action” menu in the top right corner of your email screen.

The CRM will search existing leads, contacts and accounts and try to match the email address. if an email address is not found you will be able to create a new record using this email.

If a matching email address is found you will be able to create a new Related record using this email.