Contact Management

What it is

Capture and manage all your customers information from their very first contact so that you can keep track of people, companies and vendors that you do business with every day.

What it Does

Capture contacts details directly from your website or enter them directly into the system

  • Quickly add comments about conversation you’ve had, observations or anything other related to a contact
  • Keep a record of all communications whether it’s an email, invoice or any other sort of document. You’ll find everything to do with your contact all in the one place
  • Assign contacts to a single team member or group, set their status and track through the entire sales process
  • Customise your contacts information by adding as many fields as you like to your contact records
  • Import leads from external sources such as outlook, trade shows, seminars, direct mail and more
  • Create fully customisable lead reports

How This Helps you

Quickly and easily get a complete view on a contacts history. All your emails, documents, notes, quotes, invoices, appointments, projects and more are stored in your contacts history. Call up any information you need in just seconds.