Sales Management

What it is

Sales force automation and management is a set of powerfull features that helps you manage and streamline your entire sales process, enabling you to track, manage and automate a contacts entire life cycle from the very first point of contact through to acquisition, conversion, retention and loyalty.

What it Does

Lead Management

  • Capture a lead through your website, mobile device or by entering their details directly
  • Import leads from external source
  • Automatically assign leads to specific sales people or departments
  • Convert leads to sales opportunities, accounts and contacts with a single click of a button
  • Create fully customizable lead reports
  • Export leads to external applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF, open office and more.

Track Sales Opportunities

  • Track sales opportunities through the entire sales process from first contact to won deals
  • Create custom stages to fit the way your company does business
  • Fully customisable reports let you know exaclty what’s in your sales pipeline, what stage their at and much, much more
  • Convert your potentials into quotes, sales orders and invoice with a few simple clicks
  • Keep a record of all communications whether it’s an email, invoice or any other sort of document.


Fully customisable automation let you automate common tasks such as:

  • Send an sms reminder to contact prior to sale appoinments
  • Notify sales manage on change of potential status
  • Appointment reminders via email, sms and onscreen notification
  • Send email to contact x days after status change in the crm
  • The possibilities are endless…

How This Helps you

Having total visibility throughout the entire sales process enables you to manage you or your sales team much more efficiently. You’ll know in an instant what stage every potential is at, who’s working on it and when the next contact is due.

Detailed reports give you an snapshot of your current sales funnel at any given moment, allowing you to quickly find an overdue sales opportunities and take action, before the prospect turns “Cold”.

The Automation features are designed to make your life that little bit simpler. It’s just like having an electronic assistant following helping you follow up on those menial but important tasks, which means more time for you to focus on the things that are important to you.