Project Management

What it is

By combining CRM with project management, time billing and invoicing, CRM Made Simple truly is an all in one solution. The Project management module allows you to create unlimited project, set milestones and tasks, and assign them to specific employees or a whole department.

What it Does

Project Management

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of projects
  • Set milestones and tasks for each project
  • Use Gantt charts to view your projected timeline
  • Setup automation to notify users on updates

Time billing

  • Record time spent on each and every task
  • Time records can have a pre defined dollar value seutp for hourly or single billing purposes
  • Quickly convert time records to invoices for your clients

How This Helps you

Using seperate systems for CRM, project management, time billing and invocing means you’re constantly chopping and changing from one application to another, not to mention lack of continuity of data. By combining all these features into one system, CRM MadeSimple give you total transparency into every project.

You’ll always know exactly what stage each project is up to, who’s working one what, any issues a team members facing, and you’ll easily wrap it all up and invoice your client when you’re ready.