What it is

CRM Madesimple’s powerful online marketing features help not only run your business but grow it also. By combining Campaign managment, Email marketing, lead capture forums, Calendaring and project management your business has a sophisticated suite of tools to run your entire marketing department.

What it Does

Campaign Management

  • Manage company marketing campaigns
  • Track you marketing campaigns effectivness and ROI
  • Create personalised mass mail campaigns using custom pre-defined templates

Email Marketing

  • Manage mailing lists based on existing data related to leads, accounts and contacts
  • Create custom HTML templates and save them for future use
  • Send mass Email campaigns and track open rates

How This Helps you

Make your life eassier by managing and tracking all your marketing campaigns in one place. Having instant access to campaign effectiveness and ROI means you can quickly and easily make decision about what steps to take next in your marketing program.