Time Tracking

What it is

The time logging module allows you to track time quickly and easily against just about any CRM element. once your time is recorded it’s breeze to create invoices for your clients.

What it Does

Time logging

  • Record time against just about any CRM element (over 15), such as, project tasks, trouble tickets, contacts, to do’s, meetings, campaigns, service contracts etc.
  • Continue to track time even when your away from your computer
  • Create custom reports on just about any aspect of time logs

Time Billing

  • Time records can have a pre defined dollar value seutp for hourly or single billing purposes
  • Quickly convert time records to invoices for your clients

How This Helps you

The ability to track time against just about module of the CRM means that you’re able to maximise your teams time, making sure you get paid for ALL the work you perform for a client. This will help increase your teams efficiency and productivity.

Here are some examples of how you can use this feature in your business.


  1. Project time tracking – Track time spent on a project down to specific tasks
  2. Service agreement – If you have a service agreemnet track time against your service contracts
  3. Paid support – Track time spent on trouble tickets then bill your clients
  4. On site support – Start the time logger before you leave the office. you can then shutdown your computer, visit the client and deliver the service. on your return to the office, login to the crm and stop the timer.

Your time records can easily be converted to invoices. When invoicing time logs you have the option to provide individual time record details or group them for a total time spent.

Once an invoice is created, time records are automatically marked as having been billed.