Setting up mail manager for user

How to setup and configure the mail manager


The Mail Manager is a webmail module that lets you view emails and create new Accounts, Contacts, Leads and trouble tickets directly from your emails. Think of it a bit like a lightweight version of Gmail or outlook.

How to Configure Mail Manager for User

  1. You can find the mail manager by going to: -> My Home page -> Mail Manager
  2. Next, Click the -> Settings Tab
  3. From the drop-down select your mail server type. We’ll use Gmail here as the example
  4. Enter your server name. For Gmail, it will be
  5. Enter your Gmail username
  6. Enter your Gmail password
  7. Enter the refresh time. This will determine how often the mail manager will check for new emails. We usually suggest every 10 min
  8. Click -> Save
  9. Your mail settings are now saved.