Mobile CRM

Using the CRM on your Mobile device


Having a CRM where you can store all your customer related data is great, but what happens when you’re on the road?

Luckily there’s a mobile solution for you as well.

How To Get Mobile

There are 2 different ways to access your CRM data when mobile.

  1. Use the mobile CRM app for iphone and android
  2. visit the mobile friendly version of your CRM

Mobile CRM apps

Currently there are 2 different versions of the mobile CRM app one for the iphone the other for android:

apple store button
google play button

Using these apps you can access your CRM data both online and offline. When you have an internet connection available the app will synchronise with your CRM, downloading the latest data, and uploading any new records you’ve created.

When synchronising, only records where you’re the assigned user will be available.

Setting up your mobile CRM app

Once you’ve installed your mobile CRM app getting connected is easy. Simply enter the following information:

  • Your CRM URL eg.
  • Your username
  • Your password

and click the login button.

the first time you login to the CRM via your mobile device the app will configure all the various modules and download all your data. Typically, future synchronisation will be completed in a few seconds (depending on the amount of new data to be synchronised)

Mobile Friendly CRM

If you have a tablet device such as an iPad chances are you can access your CRM directly, or if you choose, you can use the mobile-friendly version of the CRM by visiting the following URL:

simply replace yourcrm with your actual CRM name, then enter your user login and password.