How to send a broadcast

Explains how to create and broadcast email to one or more of your email lists


One of the great features of the CRM is the ability to send emails to one or more lists all at one time using personalised email messages.

Below are some step by step instructions on how to create and send a broadcast email to one or more lists.

How to create a broadcast email

Here’s to create a broadcast email:

  1. Go to Sales -> email marketing
  2. Click the -> Broadcasts tab
  3. Click the -> Add Broadcasts tab
  4. Enter the details using the fields below


Broadcast name: enter a name to identify this specific campaign

RSS: When you check this box, your subscribers will be able to see this campaign in their list’s rss feeds.

Reply to Information: You can use the same reply to information defined the name and email address fields above or use the new one by un-checking the option and entering the different reply-to information

Name: Enter the name which will be used for the from field of your campaign email

email: Enter the email address which will be used for the from email field of your campaign email.

Apply A/B Split Testing: By applying A/B split testing you can test different versions of your campaign settings or content. You can set the test size, duration and how to determine the winner.

This helps you optimize your campaign in a better manner.

Recipients: Select the mailing list or a segment for your campaign. You can select single or multiple lists of segments.

Schedule: Choose when you would like to send this email. Options include

Never – the broadcast is not scheduled to be sent

On a given date and time – allows you to set the date and time when the email will be sent

Repeatedly – will send the email on a set day of the week / month repeating xx amount of times

Now – send the email as soon as it is saved

Google Analytics Integration: your email marketing system integrates seamlessly with the Google Analytics web service to help you track recipient activities on your website coming from your campaign.

We’ll cover this feature in more detail in a seperate article.


Subject: Define the subject line for your campaign email.

Content Type: Select the content type – whether you are going to send an HTML email or Text. You can also send a multi-part email which will carry HTML as well TEXT based content and render it at the end-users end according to their email reader.

Embed images to email content: You can tick this option if you wish to embed the images within your campaign, although this can increase the size of the email if there are many images within the email content.

Personalised tag: Tags allow you to enter a “Placeholder” into the email that will be replaced by actual data when the email is sent. eg. if you use the   %Subscriber:EmailAddress% tag it will be replaced with the subscribers actual email address.

Select existing template: Click a template once to see a preview of the template. Double click to insert the template into your email editor.

Click -> Save when you have completed creating your email broadcast.

Your email will now be sent according the to broadcast schedule you set earlier.