How to create follow-up emails

Explain how to create and configure a series of followup emails


The email marketing system also allows you to create automaticly scheduled follow up emails that are sent xx number of days after a subscriber subscribes to a list.

These are commonly refered to as “Autoresponder”

Using the crm you can create a virtually unlimited number of follow emails that will be sent on a pre-determined schedule based on various triggers such as :

  • Joining a list
  • xx days after joining a list
  • on their birthday
  • on any special date – eg. birthdays, anniversary 1 year after purchase etc
  • After opening another email
  • After clicking on a link in another email.

Below are some step by step instructions on how to create and schedule followup emails within a lists.

Please note – follow up emails are list specific and are created within a list.

How to create a followup email

Here’s to create a followup email:

  1. Go to Sales -> email marketing
  2. Click the -> Lists tab
  3. Click the -> Follow up tab
  4. Click the -> Add Followup button
  5. Enter the details using the fields below


Followup name: enter a name to identify this specific campaign

Reply to Information: You can use the same reply to information defined the name and email address fields above or use the new one by un-checking the option and entering the different reply-to information

Name: Enter the name which will be used for the from field of your campaign email

email: Enter the email address which will be used for the from email field of your campaign email.

Trigger on: Select the event that will trigger the auto responder. There are five triggers available

Subscription: If this trigger is selected then when the subscription trigger happens [a subscriber subscribes] that time the Auto Responder will be sent. This means the auto responder will be sent to the new subscribers for that particular list.

Link click: If this trigger is selected then in the event when the existing subscriber of the list clicks a link within the email campaign body – then an auto responder will be sent to the subscriber.

Campaign Open: This trigger will fire an auto responder when the subscriber opens the campaign email.

Forward to friend: This trigger will fire an auto responder when the subscriber clicks on the forward to friend link and actually forwards the email to someone

Date Information: This type of trigger will only work based on the date fields, such as subscription date, birth date etc.

Send: You can set the auto responder to be sent based on a specified time frame.

  • Immediately
  • Seconds later
  • Minutes later
  • Hours later
  • Days later
  • Weeks later
  • Months later


Subject: Define the subject line for your campaign email.

Content Type: Select the content type – whether you are going to send an HTML email or Text. You can also send a multi-part email which will carry HTML as well TEXT based content and render it at the end-users end according to their email reader.

Embed images to email content: You can tick this option if you wish to embed the images within your campaign, although this can increase the size of the email if there are many images within the email content.

Personalised tag: Tags allow you to enter a “Placeholder” into the email that will be replaced by actual data when the email is sent. eg. if you use the   %Subscriber:EmailAddress% tag it will be replaced with the subscribers actual email address.

Select existing template: Click a template once to see a preview of the template. Double click to insert the template into your email editor.

  1. Click -> Save when you have completed creating your followup email.
  2. Your email will now be sent according the to followup trigger and schedule you set earlier.