How to create a web form

Explains how to add leads and contacts to your CRM and add them to an email marketing list


Webforms give you the ability to add leads and contacts to your CRM and subscribers to your email marketing lists directly from your website.

You can also use webforms to quickly add new leads and contacts to your crm directly from your desktop or from a mobile device without having to login to your CRM system. eg. when telemarketing or collecting details of the phone.

Add subscriber through a webform

You can create webforms that can be added to your website or given to your wbe developer to customise for leads and contacts to be added to your CRM and the email marketing system.

Here’s how to create a webform:

*currently only system admins can create webforms

  1. Go to the Gear icon in the top right corner of your crm and select -> Settings (only available to crm admins)
  2. In the other settings box Click on -> Webforms
  3. Click the “+” symbol to create a new webform
  4. Enter a name for the webform
  5. Select the module that the webform will add contacts to eg. leads or contacts
  6. Assign the webform to a user
  7. Enter a return URL – this is the url that the subscriber will be sent to after subscribing
  8. Enter a description – this is only for your reference and will not be seen by the subscriber
  9. Choose an email list to add the new subscriber to – this is optional
  10. From the “Field information” box select the fields you want to appear on the webform.
  11. Choose whether a field will be a required field or not
  12. Click -> Save

You have now created your webform. The next step is to get the html code that will be placed on your website or sent to your web developer for customisation.