Customise your list view using Filters

How to customise your list view to view filtered data


There may be times where you only wish to see a limited set of data. For example, you may want to view all the contacts in a certain city, or only potentials that are at a certain sales stage.

You can easily filter you list views using the “Filter” feature.

With the filter feature you’re able to do the following:

  • Choose which columns you want to view in list view
  • Filter your list by virtually any field.
  • Save multiple filters and re-use at any time in the future.
  • Use your filtered lists to add contacts to a campaign.

How to create and use Filters

Creating a new Filter

You’ll find the Filter function on the top right side of your list view. To create a new Filter follow these steps.

  1. Click the -> New button next to filters
  2. Give the new filter a View Name. Use something descriptive so you’ll remember what this filter is later
  3. You can choose to set the filter as default. Setting the Filter as default will cause the filter to automatically be applied each time you go to list view in that module.
  4. Choose whether to display it in the dashboard metrics
  5. Choose whether the filter is publicly visible. If set to public then other CRM users can also view the filter. The filter must first be approved by a CRM administrator before it becomes publicly visible.
  6. Choose the colums you want displayed in list view
  7. Set the Standard or advanced filters. We’ll cover this more below.
  8. Once completed click save

You now have a custom filter created. You can edit your filters at any time by clicking the -> Edit button next to filters.

Setting Standard Filter options

Depending on which module you are creating a filter for, the standard filter options give you a number common Filtering options.

You can select from the various options then click save.

If you want more specific filtering then use the Advanced Filters option.

Setting Advanced Filters