Email templates – More features and easier to edit

If you’ve been using email templates in the CRM you’ll know how usefull they can be, and now they’ve just become even better!

Before we go through the new features let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons and ways you can use email templates.

1. Save Time (lots of it!)

When you’re using the CRM to send your emails you can automatically personalise your emails with just about any field from the CRM.

You can include, company details, contact details and your own details, or the specific details of the sender.

Think of it a automatic mail merge using emails. And you can use this feature whether you send a single email or multiple emails at once.

2. Keep your company look and feel through your communications

By using pre designed templates you can ensure all your company communications follow your company image. the last thin you want is every second person making their own email signatures. Keep a congruent look and feel through all your company emails.

3. Make sure your clients receive a congruent message

Well written email templates allow all your CRM users to send the message you want your clients to receive they way you want them to receive it. Your users don’t have to think about what to write or how to write it.

New Features

So let’s get into the new features…

  1. Quicker editing of email templates
  2. Added large list of related tags
  3. Ability to add attachments to template

1. Quicker editing of email templates

We’ve now made it quicker than ever to edit an existing email template by removing 2 clicks from the process. Now, when you’re view the list of email templates, simply click the edit button in the right hand of the list. This open a new window for the email template in edit mode.


2. Added large list of related tags

One of the truly powerful features of using email templates is the ability to personalise the email with field from the CRM. We’ve now added the ablity to also include a large number of RELATED fields as well. You can now include related fields from contacts, accounts, users and more.


3. Ability to add attachments to template

There are many times when you need to send attachements to your prospects and clients. Sometimes these attachments are standard forms, brochures or other standard documents. Say for example you regular send out a Sales brochure or perhaps a client information form to leads or new clients.

You can now create an email template that includes the file as an attachement. Saving you time and making the process more ‘foolproof’.


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