Working with Profiles

Using Profiles to control CRM access


Profiles contain the basic set of “Rules” that determine what areas of the CRM a user can access. Using profiles you can control the following:

  • Which module a user can access? eg. Access contacts but not potentials etc.
  • The type of access to each module a user has. eg. Create records, View records, Delete Records
  • Which fields are visible to a user

Profiles are assigned to Roles which are then assigned to users. Each user can be assigned one Role only. Roles can be linked to multiple profiles. eg.


How to use Profiles.

In this example, we are going to set up access privileges for 3 different people.

  • A Salesperson
  • A Support Person
  • Their common Manager

We’ll start by creating 2 profiles:

  • Sales Profile
  • Support profile

Each Profile contains the following Permissions:

Sales ProfileRead/write access to people Read/write access to Potentials
Support ProfileRead/write access to people Read/write access to tickets

We’ll then create 3 roles:

  • Sales
  • Support
  • Sales / Support Manager

And Assign the two profiles as follows:

RoleLinked Profile
SalesSales Profile
SupportSupport Profile
Sales/Support ManagerSales Profile Support Profile

Here is the result of this scenario:

Sales Person – Can access all people records and potentials, but can NOT access tickets.

Support Person – Can access all people records and tickets, but can NOT access potentials.

Sales / Support Manager – Can access all people records and both potentials and tickets.

How to Create a Profile

  1. Click the -> Settings icon then click -> Settings
  2. In the -> User and Access Management section click -> Profiles
  3. Click -> New Profile
  4. Enter a Profile name
  5. Enter a description for the profile
  6. You can copy the settings from an existing profile or create a new one. Choose an option and click -> Next
  7. Select the modules you want to enable/disable for this profile
  8. Edit the permissions for the module
  9. Click the -> Fields and Tools Setting drop-down to select which fields will be visible through this profile
  10. Click Finish when you’re done.