User Access Basics – Part 2

Where to find user and access settings in the CRM


Now that we’ve covered some of the basic user and access principles, we’ll take a look at where you can find the various settings with the CRM.

Where to find user and Access Management settings

Virtually all the user and access management settings can be found in one place in the CRM. Here’s where to find them:

  1. Click the -> Settings icon then click -> Settings
  2. You’ll find all the settings in the first block entitled “User and Access Management”

Permission settings overview

This is a brief overview of the various permission controls. You will find detailed information relating to each control in further articles

Profiles – Profiles contain the basic set of “Rules” that control the following:

  • Which modules a user can access
  • The type of access to that module. eg. Create, View, Delete
  • Which fields are visible to a user

You can create an unlimited number of profiles with all sorts of access permissions. Once a Profile is created you can assign one or more profiles to a Role.

Profile settings only work on a per-user basis.

For more information please go to the About Profiles article.

Roles – Roles are used to setting the hierarchical position of a user within your organisation and the access to data. Each user can be assigned one role. Each Role can have one or more profiles attached to it.

For more information please go to the About Roles article.

Users – This is where you can add a new user to your system and assign them a Role.

For more information please go to Creating a new user in your CRM manual.

Groups – This is a way to assign data in the CRM to a group of users rather than a single user. For example, you can provide access to a certain record to two or more users while restricting access to other users outside the group.

For more information please go to the About Groups article.

Sharing Access – Sharing access provides a way to limit access to data based on Roles.  Using sharing access on a module you can limit data access to only the person who owns that data and all users with higher Roles. Sharing access settings affect the CRM system-wide.

For more information please go to the About Sharing Access article.

Field Access – The field access setting can be used to enable or disable a field system in the CRM. When a field is disabled in Field Access, it will be hidden from the view of all CRM users.

For more information please go to the About Field Access article.