Setting System Currency

How to set up your system to manage international currencies and exchange rates


The ‘Currencies’ setting will come in handy when dealing with international currencies and exchange rates. Doing business with clients or partners in different countries becomes a whole lot easier.

How To setup your currencies

Set up a new Currency and Conversion Rate:

  1. Click the -> ‘Settings’ icon in the top right-hand corner
  2. Under -> ‘Other Settings’ click on -> ‘Currencies’
  3. You’ll be taken to the ‘Currencies List’¬†Click the -> ‘New Currency’ button
  4. Open the dropdown in the -> ‘Currency Name’ field, and select the currency you wish to add
  5. The currency Code and Symbol will be inserted automatically
  6. Type in the conversion rate value in accordance with your base currency
  7. Select -> ‘active’
  8. Click -> ‘Save’

Edit or delete currencies

Simply click the -> ‘Edit’ or the -> ‘Delete’ icon next to the currency you wish to make changes to