Setting custom field access

Field access can be used to enable/disable fields in specific modules.


Using Field access you can enable or disable any non-required fields system-wide so no user will see the fields.

Example 1. Hide unwanted fields system-wide

Say you wanted to remove several unused fields in the leads module. You could achieve this by simply unchecking the field in Field access.

How to customise field access

When disabling a field in Field access, the field is disabled system-wide for all users. Any data in that field is still retained, but it will not be displayed to CRM users.

  1. Click the -> Settings icon then -> Settings
  2. In the User and Access Management section click -> Field access
  3. From the Drop down menu select the module you want to work with
  4. Click the -> Edit button to enable/disable fields
  5. Click the checkbox to enable or disable a field
  6. Click -> Save when finished

Any unchecked fields will not be hidden from all CRM users.