How to setup and configure your customer support centre

A summary of the steps involved in configuring your customer support centre


In customer support centre provides your client with a way to see specific information about themselves, their accounts, invoices, documents, and more.

It also provides a way for you to offer online support through trouble tickets and a knowledgebase.

What is included in the support centre?

Depending on your configuration settings you can provide your clients with access to the following information through the customer support centre.

  • Trouble tickets – Customers can submit, view and update trouble tickets through your support centre
  • Knowledgebase – view answers to frequently asked questions, view help files and more
  • Projects – view their projects, and project tasks, submit tickets related to projects
  • Products and services – view the products and services they have purchased
  • Documents – access related documents
  • Invoice and quotes – view invoices and quotes online
  • Assets – view asset information

As the CRM administrator, you can configure exactly which of these modules your clients have access to through the customer portal.

Planning your customer support centre setup

There are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself before beginning the support centre setup. by answering these questions now you’ll have a clear path on how to set up the support centre.

  1. What modules will you offer your clients access to?
    1. trouble tickets
    2. knowledgebase
    3. Projects
    4. Project tasks
    5. Project milestones
    6. contacts
    7. Accounts
    8. Products and services
    9. Documents
    10. Invoices and quotes
    11. Assets
  2. If using trouble tickets – How would you like your client to submit trouble tickets?
    1. Through the customer support centre only
    2. Via email
  3. What names do you want to appear on customer support email notifications?
  4. If using trouble tickets – which team members do you want to be notified when a new trouble ticket is created

Once you’ve answered these questions you can continue with the steps below.

Setting up and configuring your customer support centre

There are several steps involved when setting up and configuring your customer support centre depending on what features and functions you want to provide.

These are the general steps you’ll need to perform when setting up your customer support centre.

  1. Setup a profile and role for support centre users
  2. Configure your basic support centre details
  3. Configure advanced support centre settings
  4. Setup mail converter – if you want to create new trouble tickets from emails
  5. Customise your customer support centre emails
  6. Enable client access to the customer portal

You’ll find details on how to setup and configure each step in the linked articles