How to Delete a user from your CRM

How to Delete a user from your CRM


Deleting a user in your CRM will require a little forethought. Remember that virtually every record in the CRM is assigned to a user, so if you simply delete a user all those records would wind up “Orphaned”.

To avoid this situation, when you delete a user you will need to select another user to transfer all the assigned records.

Once you’ve done this the actual process of deleting a user is relatively straightforward.

How to delete a user

Once you’ve decided who you will transfer the deleted users’ records, you can go ahead and delete the user in question. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Click the -> Settings -> icon, then click -> Settings
  2. In the User & Access Management section click -> Users
  3. Open the record of the user you want to delete by clicking on their username
  4. Click the delete button
  5. In the “Delete User” popup window select the user to transfer ownership of all the records assigned to the deleted user.
  6. Click -> Save
  7. All records belonging to the deleted user will be transferred and the user will then be deleted from the system.
  8. You will notice once you have deleted a user that the number of user licences available will increase by 1