Automate tasks using workflows

How to use workflows to automate different tasks


One of my favourite CRM features is workflow automation. This lets you create a whole range of tasks that get triggered by certain events.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Create a follow-up reminder that contains a prospect’s details when a sales stage is changed to “Proposal sent”
  2. Automatically send a thank you email to a client when the sales stage is changed to Won
  3. Send an SMS to a salesperson when a lead is assigned to them

And the list goes on and on…

You can use workflow automation to automate many tasks such as creating appointments, sending emails and SMS or creating to-dos.

Setting up a workflow automation

Let’s start by looking at an example.

You want the CRM system to automatically send an email to your client after a sales rep has visited them.

You can easily do this by triggering an email when the sales stage is changed to “first visit completed”.

Here’s how you would do it:

  1. Go to -> Settings -> Settings
  2. Scroll to the -> Other Settings section and click -> Workflows
  3. Click -> New Worfklow
  4. Select the module to that you want to apply this workflow. For example, if you want this workflow to trigger when you make a change to potentials, then select the potential module.
  5. Next, we’ll configure the workflow
    1. Give the workflow a name by entering a description
    2. Choose when to run the workflow (see details below)
    3. Then set the condition by clicking -> New condition
  6. Set the conditions for the event to trigger
  7. Next click -> Save
  8. The new task section should now appear. Click -> New Task
  9. Select the task type:
    1. Send email
    2. Create to do
    3. Create event
    4. SMS task
  10. Enter the details for the task eg. If it’s an email enter the details for the email.
  11. Then Click -> Save