What exactly is CRM MadeSimple?

CRM MadeSimple is a web based collection of business productivity tools all neatly rolled into one application to help you manage and improve and automate business productivity and worklow processes.

It help you manage almost every aspect of your business from:

  • Customer relationships
  • Customer data
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer support
  • Project management
  • Calendaring
  • Time billing
  • Invoicing
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory

In one single business application.

Part of the concept behind CRM MadeSimple is that you can keep doing many things they you always have. For example, if you use microsoft outlook or gmail for mail – then keep using it. CRM MadeSimple seamlessly integrates with these and other email systems.

Is CRM MadeSimple right for me?

That’s a question only you can answer. But here are a few prompters to help you along…

If your business:

  • Sells a product or service to customers
  • Handles sales equiries
  • Runs marketing campaigns
  • Has between 0-50 employees
  • Manages products
  • Records Time records
  • Invoice clients
  • Manages customer support requests

Then chances are CRM MadeSimple can help you track and manage some or all of those processes in your business.

Is my data safe?

CRM MadeSimple uses a range of different security measure to ensure your data is kept safe. High security SSL encryption, intrusion detection and prevention and nightly offsite backups are just some of the security measure that we take.

Our servers are located in high security data centers with 24×7 security monitoring, biometric access power generator backups and more.

Who can see my company data?

CRM MadeSimple uses sophisticated role based security to control what information each user can access. Privelages include the ability to:

  • Completely block a users access from a specific module. eg. block a specific user or group from viewing invoices
  • Hide certian fields for a specific user or group. eg. Hide a contacts sensitive details from a user while still be able to view the rest of athe contacts information
  • Allow read only access to certain fields for specific users or groups
  • Share or keep records private between users and groups

As and administrator you have TOTAL control of what each user can see, access and do with the system.

Can I buy and download CRM MadeSimple?

CRM MadeSimple is a hosted solution, which is offered on a month to month subscription. We’ve done this to make sure that CRM MadeSimple runs smoothly on our server 24x7x365 days a year.

This means you can always be confident that you’re using the latest most feature rich up top date version. You NEVER have to pay for updates and new features again. When we add a new feature you get instant access to it.